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Active Participation

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Active participation in ZooED comes with a very special perk for teachers: bus stipend eligibility to help cover cost of transportation for Zoo field trips! To qualify, teachers are asked to fulfill a couple of requirements which ultimately support the continued improvement of the ZooED program for years to come. You must acheive active status before the date of your field trip to receive a bus stipend.


ZooED active status requirements include: 

  • Completion of ZooED training (one time only per program - training must be completed by February of the current school year.  Trainings for summer school occur in May.)

  • Material order by March 31st of the active school year (order form will reopen in May for summer school.) *Materials must be picked up before the date of your field trip.*

  • Samples of student work or feedback (optional but greatly appreciated)

What if I want to start using a different level curriculum?

There are three levels to the ZooED curriculum. If you are switching grades and wish to request a different level of ZooED than previously used, you will need to come in for an additional training as each level varies if structure and receive your new teacher materials. 

Where are my Surveys? 

Surveys are no longer a requirement for ZooED active participate.  Please feel free to continue to send us your feedback by emailing.  

How do I request a bus stipend? 

Once your field trip date is confirmed by our reservation's staff, login into the teacher portal of this website to locate the bus stipend request form.  This form is due before or on the day of your field trip for reimbursement. Late stipend submissions will not be accepted.

What if I'm considered inactive? 

Inactive teachers may still receive ZooED curriculum materials, a free Zoomobile program, and free field trip admission! You are just ineligible for a bus stipend for that school year. 

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