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Our Programs


ZooED offers three grade-appropriate programs aligned with Missouri Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core.

Meet the [Animal]

​​Recommended for Grades Kindergarten through 5th: Meet the [Animal] introduces students to animals that live at the Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium. Students explore animals through hands-on ELA , math, science, and social studies activities to discover how polar bears stay warm, how flamingos use their beak, and so much more. Meet the [Animal] addresses essential questions like “How do humans and animals depend on each other?” “What kinds of differences and similarities can be seen across the animal kingdom?” and “What connections are there between an animal’s appearance, lifestyle, and habitat?” 

Manage the [Animal]

Recommended for Grades 4th through 6th: Manage the [Animal] is a project-based learning experience in which students learn about zoo careers and take on the roles of zookeepers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and educators. Student teams learn what it takes to feed, care for, create a habitat, and teach others about one of 6 zoo animals. Resources include nonfiction books, videos of real Kansas City Zoo professionals talking about their jobs and career paths, actual data about Kansas City Zoo’s animals, and more. Manage the [Animal] addresses essential questions like “What is the purpose of zoos and conservation institutions?” “What do animals need?” and “What kinds of careers work with animals, and how do I get there?”

Maintain the [Animal]

​Recommended for Grades 8 +: Maintain the [Animal] is a project-based learning experience that turns secondary students into conservationists. Students study the work of famous geneticists and conservationists like Gregor Mendel, Jane Goodall, and Stephen O’Brien, and learn about the role of genetics in animal conservation. Student teams research one of 6 species in the Kansas City Zoo’s collection to develop a studbook with breeding recommendations, just like the ones used by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Students showcase their work in a conservation documentary filmed onsite at the Zoo. 


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