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ZooED is free and accessible to all teachers and educational institutions in Jackson and Clay counties. To begin using the material in your classroom, follow the first step below!

Become a ZooED Teacher


To start exploring ZooED with your students, attend a short training class to learn how to incorporate the curriculum into your classroom and receive your materials. Training is required for all new teachers interested in using ZooED, but you only need to attend one session for each program you decide to use! 


Training Sessions 

Please email the ZooED team at to make a training request. When submitting your request please include the following in your email:

  • Teacher's Full Name

  • School

  • School District

  • If homeschool; county of residence

  • Grade 

  • Curriculum level you are requesting training for;         Meet, Manage or Maintain the [Animal].                          Don't know what curriculum to request?  Find an overview of our programing here.


Once trained, you will have access to curriculum and all online teacher resources in our

Teacher Portal!


Contact us!

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