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Enrich Your ZooED Curriculum With a...



Field Trip

All Jackson and Clay county schools are offered one free Zoomobile and field trip to the Kansas City Zoo per class per school year, and an addition of either is the perfect supplemental learning experience for your ZooED class! 

Zoomobiles and Field Trips are available to any school within Jackson and Clay county and ZooED participation is not required to receive these perks.



Have the Kansas City Zoo come to you!  Trained Zoo instructors  will provide conservation education and interpretive activities in your classroom through the use of animal ambassadors and/or animal artifacts via a Zoomobile visit. Outreach visits may include animal biofacts, engaging science, interactive activities, captivating stories, books, or  live animals.

Suggested Zoomobile visit: We book up fast for Zoomobiles in the fall and spring, so consider having the Zoo visit your class in the winter! 

Field Trips

As one of the best outdoor learning environments in the Kansas City area, a field trip to the zoo allows ZooED students the ability to see the animals they've learned about! Field trips are self guided and supplementary material are available in the Teacher Portal to enhance your visit. 

Interested in booking a Zoomobile or field trip? Click either heading above to be directed to our main booking site. NOTE: ZooED does NOT oversee the booking of Zoomobiles or field trips. Please contact our Reservations office at or at 1-816-595-1765 if there any issues.

What about my bus stipend? Once your field trip date is confirmed by our reservations' staff, log into the teacher portal to locate the stipend request form. This form is due before or on the day of your field trip for reimbursement. Late stipend submissions will not be accepted. More information can be found on our Policies page. 

To make a Zoomobile request, please fill out our request form. 

To make a Field Trip request, please fill out our request form. 

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