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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order ZooED materials?

Once you complete your teacher training, you will have access to our private Teacher Portal where there is a form link for you to order your materials. Returning teachers should already have access to the Teacher Portal and if not, should visit the Returning Teacher Information page to find out where to find the password.

How do I signup for a teacher training?

Teaching training information and dates can be found on our New Teacher Information page.

Can I become a ZooED teacher if I'm not in the Zoological Tax District?

At this time, ZooED curriculum is not available to groups outside the Zoological Tax Distict of Jackson and Clay counties, MO.

How many animal units l can I order at one time?

We love to hear that ZooED teachers are enthusiastic about using the entire curriculum. We are asking teachers to select no more than 13 animal for the Meet the [Animal] early elementary currciculum at a time. You are always welcome to place another order requesting additional units.

If one of us in a group of teachers is ZooED trained, can we all get materials and the bus stipend?

We ask that each individual teacher be trained in the ZooED curriculum. For this reason, we do not permit teachers to order materials or request bus stipends for an untrained teacher.

Do you deliver ZooED materials?

Due to the popularity of ZooED, we do not deliver ZooED materials. If an alternative pick up time or weekend date is required, please contact the ZooED team to make arrangements.

How do I schedule my ZooED Zoomoblie/Tour/Field Trip?

ZooED does not oversee scheduling for Zoomobiles or field trips. Please visit the Zoomobile & Field Trip page for the contact information to the Reservation's team.

How do I know if I'm eligible for a bus stipend?

Teachers who are considered "active" are eligible to recieve a bus stipend to help cover the cost of field trip transportation to the Zoo. Active participation requirements can be found on our Missions & Policies page as well as within our Teacher Portal. Still unsure if you have met the requirements? Contact us here for more info.

Where do I pick up my order and how long do I have to do so?

Orders can be picked up at the Zoo's Education office located in the building to the right of the Zoo's main entrance. Our building is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. If you would like to pick up on a Saturday or Sunday, let us know the Thursday prior and we will place your materials at Guest Relations. We ask that teachers pick up their materials within three weeks of receiving a confirmation email that it has been filled. As a courtesy, we will send a final pick up notice email and if materials are not picked up by the date provided they will be returned back into our inventory. We recognize that unforseen circumstances can arise, if you need an extension please let us know.

Do you have curriculum for Kindergarten?

While we have had teachers scaffold down some of out Meet the [Animal] units for their younger students, we currently do not have a curriculum program developed for lower elementary. The ZooED department does have a strategic plan which includes introducing one within the next couple of years, so stay tuned!