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What is ZooED?


In 2011, the Zoological District, consisting of Jackson and Clay Counties, was formed, supporting expansion of the Zoo's facilities, programs, and reach within the community. This included the creation of an extensive curriculum program combining conservation, animals, and Missouri state standards. By 2015, three full curriculum programs were rolled out and ZooED was officially born…

The Kansas City Zoo’s ZooED program fosters the next generation of conservation-minded citizens through cross-curricular, standards-based learning experiences. Three ZooED programs currently exist, with an early learning curriculum program in the works for future use. They are: 

  • Meet the [Animal] is designed for early elementary students (grades K - 5)

  • Manage the [Animal] is designed for upper elementary teachers seeking project based learning (grades 4-6)

  • Maintain the [Animal] serves secondary science, biology and zoology students (grades 8-12)

Who can use ZooED?


ZooED is free and accessible for all students in the Zoological District. This includes public, private, parochial, charter and home schools and other educational organizations in Jackson or Clay counties.


At this time, ZooED curriculum is not available to groups outside the Zoological District. If your organization is located outside the zoological district, visit the zoo's website for other educational opportunities. 

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