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ZooED   K - 6

ZooED K-6 is comprised of two curriculum levels: Meet the [Animal] for grades K-5 and Manage the [Animal] for grades 4-6. Read curriculum descriptions to know which one is the best fit for your classroom.

If more than one grade level at a school is using ZooED, we encourage teachers to work together in selecting which animal units and curriculum they wish to use. These curriculums are designed to provide students with a progression of animal learning.

Meet the [Animal] K-5

Meet the [Animal] K-5: These animal units are led by the teacher as the entire class works together to learn about the unit’s featured animal. Each unit includes one to two read aloud books and materials for units that include hands on activities. Within each unit, students are introduced to basic information about the animal, their adaptations and new vocabulary words. Units typically incorporate an ELA, math or science standard with a few featuring social studies. This curriculum is best for teachers who are interested in facilitating shorter lessons and being able incorporate several different animals into their learning.

Meet the [Animal] is separated into two groups; K-2 and 3-5. Animal unit placement was based on reading level of read aloud book, difficulty of activity and state standard alignment. Teachers are only permitted to order animal units that fall within their grade range.


To assist you with selecting animal units for your class we suggest using the charts below.

Unit Overview

Quick glance of animals featured for each grade range, standards addressed, read aloud books included, materials, etc.

K - 2 State Standards

3 -5 State Standards

K-5 Teacher Guides

As we wait for the delivery of printed teacher guides, you may view them here. 


Manage the [Animal] 4-6

Manage the [Animal] 4-6: This curriculum is a group-based project. While teachers help students understand the tasks that need to be completed for their project, students work primarily in groups to create an animal care manual and design a habitat for an animal at the Kansas City Zoo & Aquarium. This curriculum takes several days to complete. For returning teachers, no changes have been made to Manage the [Animal], but we hope to make curriculum updates for the next school year.

  For teachers using digital student guides, please submit an order for our records and to receive your diorama boxes - Thanks  

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